Root or superuser account (main administrator). Access to this profile provides features that are not available during normal operation. Root rights on android give you the opportunity to: – change system files, themes, shortcuts, delete standard applications; – launching Linux executable files – launching special applications such as SuperUser, Task Manager For Root, Root Explorer, ShootMe, Titanium […]

Mobile shooting, editing, effects

A variety of software for mobile OS creates a lot of opportunities for photographing and editing images in the field. Modern mobile phones, as a rule, have decent cameras that allow you to take high-quality pictures for publication on social networks or for home viewing. As with any digital device, in a mobile phone, taking a picture is connected with the operation of the optics – software bundle. And […]

3 Ways to Install APKs. Applications

If the application has the extension .apk then it means that it is intended for Android OS. This file is a kind of installation archive, in fact, and you can view what it contains using Zip, Rar, or other archivers. Applications are installed on android smartphones in many ways. The first is the installation of applications using Google Play (formerly Android Market), which is available […]

Running any application on any version of android

A way to run any application on any version of android. To do this, you need: – Root Explorer – Root privileges Then: We go with the help of Root Explorer to the / system / folder and the build.prop file. We tick Mount R / O and click on this file, after that a context menu will appear, which we scroll down and click on “Open in Text Editor”. Further […]

The Chinese company Shenzhen Eser Technology announced the ESER 072 tablet with a 7-inch display diagonal.


The tablet stands out primarily for its price – 51 US dollars, which at first seems like a ridiculous price. If not for the following characteristics: resistive screen, lack of Bluetooth and GPS modules. After that, the price already ceases to greatly delight. In addition, there is no data on the capacity of the battery and therefore it is not known how long the tablet will last without recharging.


7-inch resistive touch screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels;

Boxchip Allwinner A10 processor (or ARM Cortex-A8) processor with a single core, the frequency of which is 1.2 GHz;

GPU Mali400 as a graphics accelerator;

512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory (can be expanded with a micro SD memory card);


mini USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm headphone jacks. The tablet supports 3G and has wireless Wi-Fi modules. 

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