Lack of time due to its incorrect organization is a rather familiar problem. Task planners can help solve it. Any.DO, a simple, convenient and very nice program, also belongs to such applications.

When the application starts, the schedule opens. Note that it is made minimalist and tasteful. In it, you can add a task and search for the desired action in the list. In addition, voice input is supported, as well as predicting the desired action. When a call is mentioned in the task creation, the list itself will have the opportunity to call from the application.

Different tasks are marked in the menu in a special way, for example, completed can simply be crossed out in the general list. To completely delete a specific task, you need to shake the device. And by clicking on the task, you can see a list of possible actions. It is possible to edit the task, set its priority (it will be marked in red), write a note and share it on social networks. You can also set a reminder about the action. This is done in a separate application window, beautifully and functionally
. There is also a choice of the folder in which the task is located.

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