Among the operating systems for tablets at the moment, only two can be unambiguously distinguished: iOS, which is used in iPad 1/2 tablets, and Android, on the basis of which just a huge number of devices from various brands are produced. It is these OSs that are the most common today and it is for these OSs that the largest number of really high-quality applications and games are released.

Almost all the time the question is asked, which is better – iPad 1/2 or a quality Android-based tablet. Supporters of both those and other decisions are found. It is very difficult to answer unequivocally, and even having examined both of them, there is no unambiguous assessment.
iPad 1/2 is often attracted by its thoughtfulness, attention to detail and refinement.

Android devices often turn out to be more equipped, they have more opportunities for personalization and customization, are not burdened with some of the “proprietary” limitations inherent in the iPad.

To use tablets on Android, you don’t need to be some kind of advanced user or tech-maniac.

Most preferably, if a modern Android tablet runs on the new Androd 4.X OS. If the tablet runs on Android 3.X, this is also not bad, but if the version of Android 2.X is installed and the manufacturer does not plan to upgrade the firmware to a more modern version, you should beware of buying such a tablet.

In view of its versatile possibilities for using the tablet, there are many. Reading Internet pages on the couch, watching social networks in cafes, playing music, movies, reading books, navigation, games – everyone chooses what he needs most.

Curiously, according to statistics, the most popular use of tablets is browsing the web on your home couch.
Many mistakenly believe that a tablet can replace a computer, and in particular a laptop. Perhaps someday this will happen, but at the moment he is not a replacement for them. You should not choose a tablet instead of a laptop. You need to be aware that the tablet is not a working tool, but rather a cool toy.

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