A variety of software for mobile OS creates a lot of opportunities for photographing and editing images in the field.

Modern mobile phones, as a rule, have decent cameras that allow you to take high-quality pictures for publication on social networks or for home viewing. As with any digital device, in a mobile phone, taking a picture is connected with the operation of the optics – software bundle. And if the user cannot influence the quality of optics, then in the field of software there are many utilities that significantly expand the regular capabilities and allow you to take pictures with which the on-board software simply can not cope. For example, full-time software is practically unsuitable for creating panoramas, shooting fast-moving objects, applying effects.

Panoramic shooting.

One of the best utilities for panoramic shooting on phones running Android OS is Photaf Panorama.

Photaf panorama

First of all, it is as easy to use as possible. Getting started, select the manual shooting mode, fix the start point of the panorama and take a picture. Then we shift the camera to the desired angle and add a series of consecutive frames. The final stage is the combination of pictures in a panorama. The program will process the captured images and display the resulting image. The created photo can be uploaded to the server, posted on social networks or sent by e-mail. An interesting feature of the utility is the ability to send a snapshot to another application that works with graphics in order to edit it in the future.

Of the other utilities for panoramic shooting, you can use the Panorama program , which allows you to use effects (old photo, black and white photo, sketch) when shooting.

Shooting quality

Many utilities make it possible to use various filters and effects when shooting. You don’t need to go far for examples, in particular, in Camera Illusion for Android, you can enable one of the 15 built-in filters.

Another option is the Camera 360 utility , which gives the frame the effect of an old photo and increases the saturation of the color gamut. The program features allow serial shooting, use a countdown timer. The pictures taken can be presented as paintings, posters, outdoor advertising or convert them into greeting cards. By turning on the HDR (High Dynamic Range ) mode , you will get three pictures with different exposure levels. They will be automatically processed so that sharper details of the image appear in the least lit areas.

Almost all utilities used for shooting on Android phones make it possible to post photographs made on social networks or on specialized network resources, and send them by e-mail. Many programs are distributed for free, and lite versions are not much inferior to their commercial options. A variety of utilities complicates the choice of a specific program for permanent work, so it must be done taking into account personal preferences and preferences. Processing a photo after accumulating the initial experience, any photographer sooner or later begins to change something in his creations. So, it’s time to edit, and this also requires appropriate software. Now applications for editing images on mobile devices in their capabilities are almost as good as those for a PC. All such utilities can be divided into two large groups. The first includes powerful graphic packages, distributed, as a rule, on a commercial basis, for example, editorsPixlr-o-matic  for Android phones. Graphic editors have many common functions, which include:

• the ability to transfer images for editing from the device’s camera or select a picture from the gallery;

• editing tools, including scissors for cropping the picture, frames for selecting the desired fragment, touch buttons for rotating the image, brushes, erasers, as well as tools for adjusting the color gamut of the picture, etc .;

• A set of filters to create effects.

Each Editor has a different number of them, but all of them together add a lot of effects to the photo. It is also allowed to supplement the photo with text, and many editors make it in various styles. In general, the scope for creativity is great. In addition, mobile photo editors can work with layers. And the best utilities for working with graphics are almost as good as classic editors for PCs.

The finished snapshot can be saved in the device’s memory, sent to specialized resources and to social networks (usually Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr) or sent by e-mail. In fact, editors like the ones described above are a powerful mobile laboratory for processing photos with the possibility of their subsequent posting on the Web. No less interesting are specialized utilities designed to solve specific problems. So, get rid of digital noise will help Fix Photo Noise. The program removes artifacts of excessive or insufficient illumination of the object, compression and preservation (JPEG), and also helps to remove fine details of the image, such as wrinkles on the face when shooting portraits. In principle, the presented image editing utilities only demonstrate a general trend – the growing interest of users in photo editing programs. Naturally, developers take this into account and offer more and more new programs of varying degrees of complexity.

Effects for every taste

Editing photos in the Editor is the business of professionals and those who strive to become them. And now we will discuss utilities that do not require fine-tuning and work on the principle of “pressed the shutter button – got a picture with the effect.”

One of the most interesting programs for taking pictures with effects is PhotoFunia , designed for devices running iOS and Android. In fact, PhotoFunia is one of the largest online resources for storing collages (, and utilities for iOS and Android are the client part of the service.

To use it, you need an Internet connection, since photo processing takes place on an external server. Immediately after starting the utility, you will be taken to the effects selection window. There are more than 250 of them, and they are grouped by type, so it’s easy to choose the right one to create a collage. For example, if you want to see your picture as a picture on the museum wall, select an effect from the Art group. You can also create your own advertising poster or take a picture with a celebrity – in general, there is room for creativity. The processed image can be saved on a memory card, sent by e-mail or posted on a social network. The Lab utility has similar functionality.for Android OS. It contains more than 400 effects, distributed across 18 groups. It will help to make a caricature of the photo, turn the person in the picture into a lion, see yourself on the cover of a popular magazine. In general, to realize what is enough for fantasy. And if you are tired of exotic, then enclose the picture in a frame in retro style. The range of utilities for working with images is large enough.