According to the developers, “Budist” (from the word “wake up”) is a great way to wake up with a smile on your face. You just need to set an alarm and a stranger will wake you up.

Using the application is quite simple: it does not contain intricate settings, and the interface has only four points. The first section is called “Sony” and is a list with the exact time and number of people who need to be woken up. To make a call, you need to select the appropriate time and press the “wake up right now” button.

Since the call goes through the PBX application, no one can find out the number, and all communication will take place anonymously. In order to wish good morning to one of Sonya, you do not need to go through any registration, but if you want to chat or set your own alarm clock, you will have to perform a few simple manipulations.

In particular, the “Alarm Clock” involves authorization. To do this, enter your phone number and press the “confirm” key. After a couple of seconds, an SMS message with a confirmation code will be received. By entering these numbers, you register a phone number and can fill out a brief information about yourself: name, gender, age, city. Authorization allows you to choose the most pleasant interlocutor, since application developers try to connect heterogeneous subscribers. All information about yourself can be viewed in the “Profile” section and, if necessary, make some adjustments.

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