The mobile version of ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries is primarily distinguished by its convenience and ease of use. We can say that any novice android user will understand it without any problems.
After installing the program, the user is prompted to download basic free dictionaries. There are 58 of them available, including 13 – for translation from Russian and vice versa. In addition, from the application you can purchase more than 200 premium dictionaries, including explanatory and thematic dictionaries. Among them are dictionaries of such authoritative world publishers as HarperCollins Publishers, Compact Verlag, Dicoland, Russian Language – Media, Russo, and also prepared by lexicographers of ABBYY.

Prices for paid dictionaries range from an average of $ 4 to $ 10 and above. Searching for dictionaries is quite simple: any form of the word is entered in the line, and the application searches for it in all the dictionaries downloaded. By the way, Internet access is not needed.

The dictionary search is intelligent – that is, even if the word is entered with an error, the program will offer possible options in the languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable in the dictionaries. The general vocabulary card contains translation, transcription, word forms, and usage examples. In addition,
you can additionally download audio files with voice acting pronunciation of words.

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